Spain – La Coruña

Spain – La Coruña

Written and captions by: Diego

We started on our way to Europe via a flight from Lima to Bogota, Colombia. It was very nice with decent amenities. Sadly, we were delayed a bit on our arrival which meant we had to hurry to our next plane from Lima to Madrid.

This was it, the first REAL business class flight that I was waiting for, a transatlantic business flight – Executive class as they call in Latin America. Transoceanic business seats are SIGNIFICANTLY different from domestic. The food and drinks are better, the seats are more comfortable and recline to a lay-flat position, the entertainment is plentiful. I felt like a Roman Emperor.

What upper class looks like, it felt just as glorious.
Noise cancelling headphones! Sadly, they only work with the seat, nothing you bring. Note the amount of seat controls and power options.

While the flight was quite enjoyable, our 1-hour departure delay was not as nice. This forced us to miss our connecting flight from Madrid to La Coruña (city in NW Spain). Sadly, because it was purchased separately, there was nothing Iberia (the equivalent of American Airlines) could do. They did offer a later flight but at $430 a person, I found that insulting as I paid $50/person. Thankfully, most of Europe is connected via rail so we bought tickets. The ride was quite nice, it was smooth, the seats are comfy and powered, plenty of room for luggage, and they had a food car near the middle. We saw some great sights along the way; this was about $60 a person for a 6-hour ride (we averaged ~110kph, or 70mph).

It was cold and dreary waiting for the train.
We were booking it in some sections, this is about 150mph.

We arrived at my grandma’s place and she was very happy to see us. The purpose of this stop was to visit family, celebrate her 90th birthday, to rest, and to do our laundry. We went out around town and had some churros at La Bonilla (best churros place in the world, in my opinion), bought some treats, and visited a photo gallery.

I’ve been coming here for 20 years – it’s delicious. Order about 6 churros (they’re small) per person with a small hot chocolate for you to dip them in.
Not American enough, needs more stars. And Michael Bay-level of explosions.

La Coruña is an interesting city. It has about 250k people but plenty of things to do here. Over the last 2 decades visiting it, I’ve visited:

A real medieval fair

This fair is enormous, it would take you about 1.5-2 hours of just walking around to see all the different stalls. There is so much to see and eat, make sure to bring cash as nobody really takes card. Fun fact: the city is over 800 years old and was visited by Julius Caesar 1,200 years before its official founding.
These guys were rocking those beats as hard as concrete.

The Tower of Hercules

A Roman lighthouse built in the 2nd century and a UNESCO World Heritage Site due its historical importance. I shot this early in the morning, not many people up at this time.

The museum of man (DOMUS)

This is an interactive natural history museum, it was quite interesting. Note that this is not my photo, obtained from the official site as I can’t find my 2016 shots.

Rotating exhibitions

Big name exhibitions would sometimes visit the city. In 2007, the original Lord of the Rings props were exhibited. This is not my photo – I grabbed it from a news site as I can’t find my old shots.

Several others that I highly recommend checking out TripAdvisor for

In addition to the sights, it’s always nice to visit family.

We left 3 days later on the 17th to Iceland with an 8-hour stopover in London. I have a cousin there and we met up at a pub for fish and chips (might as well do the tourist thing) and for a walk in Hyde Park. We left our bags in a storage office (which had an hourly rate) in the airport and took the high speed train to London ($50/person) – the airport is about 30 minutes by car west. Protip: make sure you’re rich before visiting the UK, the country is extremely expensive.

Hyde Park. Some of the trees had bright green parakeets!
Hyde Park. Jessica took the picture because of the horse. 
Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park.

Having said our goodbyes, we took the train back to Heathrow and we were off to Iceland.

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  1. What an adventure ! Grandma was happy to see you guys. I agree, churros in La Coruna (La Bonilla café) are the best.
    Next stop Iceland !

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